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'Get p value' is an online statistical data analysis Enterprise. The team comprises of a group of young doctors, biostatisticians and research scholars. We aim to provide online services for biostatistical analysis and research.

Any individual or group who require biostatistical analysis for a thesis or other research studies. These include MD/MS/DNB students who will require statistical tools for their dissertation as well as for smaller studies.

We offer the following services.
- Sample size calculation
- Complete biostatistical analysis with results and graphs.

1. Upload the results of the previous study or upload the results of the pilot study (JPG, PNG, WORD, PDF)
2. Researchers can also send a screenshot of the results of the previous research
3. Answer our few simple questions about your study (optional)
4. Pay online
5. Our team of experts will calculate your sample size with the appropriate formula
6. We will upload the result file within 24 to 48 hours
7. For further support contact us on the WhatsApp number   +91 99622 45222 mentioning your order I.D

1. Upload your master chart with the clear headings in Microsoft Excel sheet. If you have more than one file for various study groups club it into a single file
2. Please provide us with the link of the previous study(s) (optional)
3. Pay online
4. Answer a few questions about your research
5. Our team of experts will choose appropriate statistical methods for all the variables
6. We will calculate the p-value for each variable
7. Our team will make appropriate tables, charts, bar diagrams and graphs
8. We will upload the results file within 24 to 48 hours in word and pdf format. You can download it
9. For further query and corrections contact us through the WhatsApp number   +91 99622 45222 mentioning your order I.D, or you can write a mail to us in support@getpvalue.com
10. Our team will contact you telephonically for further information if needed

Usually, for the calculation of sample size, we require 24 to 48 hours. For complete statistical analysis with results and graphs, we need two to four days. It may take a couple of days longer or lesser subject to our job order load.

The fee for calculating sample size is Rs. 750/-

The fee for complete statistical analysis is RS 5,250. This includes the statistical analysis and interpretation of the results in the form of graphs, bar diagrams, pie charts etc

You can contact us through the following modes.
Mail: support@getpvalue.com
WhatsApp:   +91 99622 45222
Address: Get p value, No 87a, Dr Rajendra Prasad Street, SM Block, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600122

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